the mission

Breathe + Move 502 in Shelby Park is the Louisville home of Effiji Breathwork with Sarah Charmoli and Move with JD Dotson, as well as a host of local collaborators in the areas of meditation, arts, yoga, and much more. 

Our intention in creating Breathe + Move is to have a community space dedicated to wellness, self-love, and creative expression. From working on your physical body, to ecstatic experiences, to art installations, there’s something here for everyone. 

sarah charmoli

Sarah has led 1000’s of people through the process of Effiji Breathwork. She’s taught all over the US, and beyond and is happy to call Louisville home. 

jd dotson

JD has been deeply committed to physical fitness and the healing of the physical body for more than 2 decades. During the pandemic, he shifted his focus and got his certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine to officially help others on their fitness journey.

august practitioner's

suzette winona

Heart Centered
Talking Circle



hillary hoffmann

Monday Sound
Bath Meditation

new event!

ecstatic dance

thursdays @ 8pm · sign up below... or just come


list of events

effiji breath

saturdays with sarah charmoli

11AM or 12:30PM · check the schedj · $50

Effiji is not “breathwork.” Effiji is a guided journey of healing and transformation that uses the breath as the doorway to that destination.

While freedom and healing are available to us all, the route to these things is often blocked by obstacles that are beyond the reach of our conscious mind.


drop-in workout

mondays & wednesdays with jd dotson

6pm - 7pm · $10

Drop In and Move Out at breathe + move 502 aims to build friendships as well as endurance and reaffirm our connection to our community, improving our own lives through movement and companionship. The Drop In is open to all ages and all levels of fitness and hopes to support personal objectives and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

ecstatic dance


8pm - 9:30pm · $10

Ecstatic Dance is NOT a dance class!

We simply get together, dance like wild animals, sweat like crazy, and pretend we are younger than we are… only now, we get to bed on time and avoid a hangover.

Don’t do it for us… DANCE for yourself!

yoga with micah

Every other saturday

11am - 12pm · $10

Micah’s yoga classes are special. They break free from the dogma of the traditional yoga studio and he finds ways to connect with each individual person. He’s creative and adaptive in the moment, leading dynamic and fun yoga experiences. 

heart centered talking circle

Every other wednesday

7:30pm · $10

Together we will weave a sacred safe space, co-regulate our nervous systems, and open from our heart space in order to share and be received in an authentic way. The world needs healing and we heal together. You are worthy. 

sound bath meditation

Every other monday

7:30pm · $25

Sound and sensory immersion — these 432 hz crystal bowls deep dive into the mindbody space to alleviate stress, anxiety, stagnation — opening the heart, and heal on a deep, cellular level. Blending pure tones from crystal singing bowls and meditation.


Breathe and Move 502
930 Mary Street, Door 3
Louisville, KY 40204

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Copyright © 2022 Breathe and Move 502

suzette winona summers

Suzette Winona Summers (aka Suzy Hawkfire) is a mother, healer, coach, artist, dancer, writer, and circle weaver. In her private practice she offers massage, craniosacral, and shamanic healing sessions, and to the community she offers Ecstatic Dance Journeys, Heart-Centered Healing Circles, and various other ceremonies. Presently, her art is focused on making medicine boxes adorned with her original artwork.

Heart Centered Talking Circle
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

micah sea

It is my hope that you feel empowered, strong, confident, sexy, energized, encouraged, calm, any feelings that you wish, once leaving my class.  Having graduated from teacher training in the Summer of 2020, I draw greatly from my experiences practicing Vinyasa, Anusara, Hatha, and Power, to name several, for well over 10 years.  I look forward to leading you, practicing with you, and connecting with you in a welcoming & judgement free space.

Every other Saturday at 10:30am
**Classes will be All Levels

hillary hoffman

Hillary’s mission is to empower and remind everyone of their ability to self-heal while cultivating high-vibrational experiences where community, inspiration, healing, and transformation through presence can be found. Her offerings are for everyone, and will reconnect you to your innate rest and restore nervous system while healing ourselves from the inside-out, because it truly is an inside job. 

When we are most relaxed, we are our most authentic, powerful, loving and pure selves. Only then can we do what we came here to do. To be our authentic, unique, powerful blueprints that only we can offer the collective consciousness. We are individual puzzle pieces in the grand mystery of it all.

Meditation Monday’s – Sound Bath Healing
Mondays @ 7:30pm